By meeting the specific needs of both buyers and sellers of second-hand goods Cash Converters has created a unique retailing concept that provides strong cash flow.

Similarly, because each store has considerable flexibility over both the purchase and selling price of merchandise they are able to enjoy more flexible profit margins.

The franchise system has been designed to overcome some of the weaknesses in traditional Franchise Agreements as can be seen in the approach to royalties. Whilst many other Franchisors charge a royalty based on a percentage of turnover, our franchise royalties are levied using a fixed cost method. Our philosophy is simple, under our system a Cash Converters Franchisee derives many direct benefits, the most important being, the opportunity to achieve a higher level of profitability from any increase in turnover.

Cash Converters also provides the security of knowing that there is a built in renewal system at the end of the initial [10 year] term. So for an agreed fee, we will guarantee to renew your contract, subject to certain terms and conditions.