Why Cash Converters?

As a Cash Converters Franchisee you’ll be joining the largest trading group of its kind, a group whose growth has been based on a proven formula for success, and one that is constantly being monitored to ensure it continues to satisfy customer wants and needs.

Cash Converters has developed an extensive range of highly effective programs and systems to assist Franchisees in maximising the potential of their business. These have been designed to ensure all Cash Converters stores maintain uniformly high standards of customer service, store appearance, merchandising and corporate identity.

A comprehensive business management system covers every aspect of the operation of a Cash Converters stores, this includes a custom-designed computer system that monitors key operational data, and also provides comparative performance indicators.

Group Brand

A key element of our success is our approach to the group brand. A shopper in a Cash Converters outlet in Perth, Western Australia or London, England can expect a uniform standard of presentation and business ethics.

Different laws may require different procedures but customer satisfaction is as important in France and Spain as it is in Canada and South Africa. However, above all the same services are the customer’s assurance of the same standard.

Getting Started

Locating and setting up a new store is very important. You will be given every assistance by Cash Converters to locate suitable premises, design and fit it out and purchase the initial stock. This ensures that every new store has the correct level of stock for each section and ensures the optimum presentation from the day of opening.

Each franchisee receives a manual that sets out very clearly group policies and procedures. There will be very little on a day-to-day basis, which is not clearly documented.


Ongoing training for franchisees and their staff is a vital part of the Cash Converters philosophy. The Cash Converters training and organisational development program covers every aspect of managing a store including core operational skills, recruitment practice, orientation and performance reviews. Apart from the many aspects of sales and management training the Group includes special courses – for example: how to buy second-hand goods and jewellery valuations.